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Learn more about the merchandise available on and the story behind each item by reading the following information below. Also note that the proceeds from each of these item sold goes towards helping those affected by Alzheimer's disease. 

Joe's Fingerprint Shirt

The JoeBear Apparel Official Logo shirt is all about simplicity. This is our classic shirt design and is offered in a great variety of wonderful colors. The words “JoeBear Apparel” cover the front of the shirt while the back has a small silhouette of a bear paw located just below the collar. Inside the bear paw are Joseph's initials. This is a special characteristic unique to all of our shirts. Each JoeBear Apparel shirt will have Joe’s initials A.J. B. (Anthony Joseph Batchelor) located somewhere throughout the design. This is our special way of remembering Joe and the unforgettable mark he left on our lives.

This shirt design was drawn by Joe’s girlfriend Kayla as a special gift in memory of Joe. One of Joe’s original shirt ideas involved a beautiful tree similar to the one Kayla drew for this design. She also wanted to incorporate a special part of Joe into this picture so she used his fingerprint to create the unique texture on the bark of the tree. Drew, one of Joe’s friends, discovered the quote that perfectly encompasses the meaning behind this design. ("Our fingerprints do not fade from the lives we have touched") We have all been impacted, at some point in our lives, by an exceptional person or group of people. Even though we may have lost these wonderful individuals to events, such as death or even illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease, we will never forget the mark they have made on our lives. This shirt is a beautiful reminder that their fingerprints will never fade from the lives they have touched. 

The Original JoeBear Shirt

Joe's Eyes Shirt

JoeBear Apparel 

JoeBear Apparel Official Logo Shirt

The Original JoeBear Shirt was the first JoeBear Apparel shirt available to the public. This design came about on the 1 year anniversary of Joe's accident when many of his dear friends and family members gathered together to discuss the establishment of JoeBear Apparel. As a tribute to Joseph we wanted the bear design to encompass many of his own characteristics. In high school, Joe was rarely ever seen without his black Nike cap that he wore backwards on his head similar to the one found on top of this bear head. The broad shoulders and other bearish properties represent his strong and stout bear-like features while at the same time his soft smile and gentle eyes depict Joe's genuine, tender, and sincere side that made him so easy to love. 

*This shirt was a limited time only design and is no longer available at the present moment.

The “Joe’s Eyes” shirt was hand drawn by one of Joe’s cousins, Cecelia, who works as a graphic design artist in Texas. During the early stages of our logo development, one of the ideas suggested was a bear that encompassed some of Joes own features, since he was so often referred to as “the bear.” She was able to create such a unique and special bear drawing for Joseph that we felt deserved its own shirt. We were blown away by her artistic talent and her ability to captures Joe’s eyes in the face of the bear. This aspect of her drawing was the inspiration for its name “Joe’s Eyes.”

Established October 18, 2015